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Kenn Schmidt Nielsen

Mr. Schmidt Nielsen founded Global Football Training, a Danish football project, with the goal of improving the development of young footballers. He brings this experience to the Global Football School, to better leverage the best practices from around the world.


Global Football Training crossed countries and continents for nearly three years, mapping and analyzing coaching methods, cultures, footballing philosophies and talent development programs in all corners of the globe. The culmination of this worldly project is “a truly unique coaching method to produce a new breed of more intelligent footballers."


Too many clubs employ the same (or similar) practices, and as result, players think and play alike, even at the highest level.

The Global Football Training is trying to break the chains of conformity, as well as, increase the likelihood more players will make it onto the professional and international stage.


Kenn Schmidt Nielsen credentials include earning a

UEFA A-license as a coach, winning the Danish U21 National Championship as a coach, and working as a coaching consultant at the DBU (Danish Football Association). 

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