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ABOUT the GFT Project

Global Football Training crossed countries and continents for nearly three years, mapping and analyzing coaching methods, cultures, footballing philosophies and talent development programs in all corners of the globe. The culmination of this worldly project is “a truly unique coaching method to produce a new breed of more intelligent footballers."


The purpose of the GFT project, was to collect and analyse data so as to map football’s development on a global scale.

After nearly 3 years on the road, the survey is now complete, and the GFT Curriculum is already affecting players at                

Global Football School USA, Inc. in Charleston SC - USA
The key word, and foundation of the curriculum is

Game Intelligence.

The survey covered a number of focus points including player development, training techniques, the player’s social environment, player physiques, nutrition and any other factors that influence player development. The survey’s focus points was selected so as to be as quantifiable as possible and allow for accurate comparison.

Surveys and data collection took place in 26 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South and North America.

In other words GLOBALLY.
Survey visits to the +100 individual club/academy typically lasted for 1-4 days, some even longer.

Read more about the project HERE or in different langues by using the menu bar or read one of the many articles done on the project.

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